Compatible video cards for Dimension e-310

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Aug 17, 2008
  1. have recently come into posession of ati pci express 700 video card will it fit into my dimensions e-310, if not what is the best gaming card that will and where might I find a place to trade the ati card? ,not looking to spend alot $100.00 or less preferably..want to run games like fear and some of the online games without texture and lighting problems.will take even up trade on good card that will fit this machine.
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Your system has a pci-e x1 slot, while almost all video cards use the pci-e x16 slot. So if you have a x16 card it won't physically fit in the x1 slot. (unless you use an adapter, or melt the connector to allow larger cards to fit)

    There is a very limited selection of pci-e x1 cards available. Of the cards that are easy to buy and in your price range, the x1550 pci-e x1 would probably be best. There are better cards(7300gt, 8400gs, etc), but they are either more money or hard to find.

    Also, you could get a pci video card, like the 8500gt.
  3. madcap2day

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    thanks for the advice people, got adapter from newegg. however had to alter case as the express 700 is not a low profile card. when i inserted card and adapter it seemed to run as a secondary card just propping up integrated video. am no longer able to get to bios to disable or enable integrated graphics..when I try to plug directly to pci express 700 I get no video input message.bios conflict?. am nervous about disabling integrated graphics through device manager as I may be unable to get back to enable if card still doesn't work as stand alone.
  4. vnf4ultra

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    So you aren't getting any video at any point with the monitor on the x700? Can you connect the monitor to the onboard video and go into the bios to set the video output to external card instead of onboard? (some systems don't have this option available however)

    You might try booting into windows with both cards installed, but with the monitor on the onboard video port. Once in windows (assuming xp), right click the desktop and click properties. Click settings, and select the monitor icon for the "monitor" that represents your x700 card's video output. Make sure the "extend my windows desktop..." and "use this device as primary monitor" are checked. Click apply, then swap the monitor connector from onboard to the x700.
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    If you disable Integrated graphics you get a VGA driver to display on with card in the PC, so do it you'll get a display with the PCI card.

    I would know done it myself got the same PC as you.
  6. madcap2day

    madcap2day TS Rookie Topic Starter

    okay have card up and running as primary card , have second monitor hooked to integrated...everything seems I thank all who were kind enough to answer my posts... u people are sooooo coooool!! Thanks again.
  7. electromagnetic

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    madcap2day how did you install the pci express x16 card in a pci slot just for curiosity.

    Also is that the card I have in link.

    Is this the adapter how do you secure it in the bracket.

  8. madcap2day

    madcap2day TS Rookie Topic Starter

    card in link looks close is pci--ex16/used same adapter as in photo, used rotary tool to alter back of machine so cards connection ports would come thrue ,,them drilled and screwed card clip to back of machine with small aluminum block for added support.
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