Complete PC Shutdown when playing the most simple of games

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Hi all,

This is my first post and whilst I understand there has been similar posts on this subject, to be honest, I have not understood them and I am going through a massive PC learning curve it seems.

Ok, to the problem! I have been given a PC by my girlfriends parents. I can surf for hours without any problems but then as soon as I touch a game such as WoW or basic Mahjong on the internet, after 10mins or less the PC completely shuts its self down. No error messages, just a complete switch off.

I can restart after a min and its fine until I touch a game.

My spec is (from my computer properties)

Pentium 4 CPU , 3.4GHz, 512mb of Ram.
I have a sticker that says Nvidea gforce fx but on the device manager it says CONNECT 3D RADEON 9550
CONNECT 3D RADEON 9550 Secondary
Windows XP Home

I have read much about overheating so I downloaded Speedfan but to be honest I have no idea what it is telling me.

Please help and let me know what other details you need and where I can get them from!



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Sounds like an overheating issue with the graphics card to be honest.
When you're surfing the net and such, you're only using 2D acceleration, which takes very little power and produces very little heat. 3D acceleration produces tons of heat and uses a lot more power.

What I would do is open up the side of the case, and take a vacuum or can of compressed air (About $5-$10 at any computer store) and blow the processor fan/heat sink and the video card fan/heat sink (The video card is the one the monitor plugs into) out with it, or vacuum as much dust out as you can.

This, of course must be done while the computer is off.

Then try again.


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Hi Gaz,
the easiest thing to do is make sure the fan on the graphic card is turning and re-seat the card, but i don't think that's it. the fact that it completely shuts down when you get into games, and that you usually get some artifacts or funky behavior when a graphic card chip or memory starts to overheat. leads to believe that you may have a power supply issue.

this is an aged machine and probably a dell, gateway, or the like, which are known for poor quality power supplies. the Radeon 9550 does not draw a lot of power, but when you enter a 3-D game its drawing power from a 5-6 year old 250w PSU with tired capacitors. after a visual inspection for obvious things (connections seated...etc) and a good blow out like RedK pointed out, I would try a different power supply. Good luck:)

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Given the inside a good blow out but doesn't make a difference.

The machine is 2-3 years old (Fujitsu Siemens Scalleo T). Graphics card is a Radeon 256mb so nothing too powerful.

So where do I start with getting a new power supply? Had a look and they seem to be requiring various pinset configerations? Where do I start? Would a new fan be of use as well?

Speedfan is reporting:

Temp 1: 44c Red upwards pointing arrow
Temp 2: 106C red flame
Temp 3: 31C Blue down arrow
HD0 : 39c blue down arrow
Temp1: 22c blue down arrow.

No idea which areas the temps are relating to? CPU / graphics card etc???

Thanks again.



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Not sure what version of speedfan you have but from thier site it looks like you should have a little more info as to what the reading are. Possibly try a different version

Also the 106'C one looks a little suspicious. Not sure you should see temps that high in any component.Would suggest you try to find out what that reading is for.

Try to identify the exact motherboard you have from any markings on it . This might enable you to locate a manufactures temperature monitor programme like "asus probe" from the motherboards manufactures web site.

From this site you might get a little more info as to what motherboard is fitted but you will still need to look at any markings on it really.( usually around the memory slots but can be about anywhere on it )
It will also then give you a possible manual and the detail for a PSU should it turn out you need to buy one.
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