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By duffguy
Dec 18, 2008
  1. So one day im on my office computer and do the regular thing ( browse on Firefox or play a game or two ) and i turn it off. The next morning i try to play some World of Warcraft and in about 10 min in the game i get a Critical error message for World of Warcraft. So i decide to go on Firefox and look up the error and about 10 min later i get that windows error that says Firefox encountered a serious problem and the SEND or DON'T SEND option. I restart my computer and try it again and i get the same error. This also goes for any of my games or browsers i try to use which close with a error message in 10 min or my computer just restarts. I tried Disk Defragment, i tried using windows system restore, and my firewall nor my AVG detect a virus. Please help me with this problem.

    System Specs:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    ATI 9550 256mb AGP
    MSI (7060) Motherboard
    1gig (2x512) Kingston RAM
    Creative Sound Blaster Live 24-bit sound card
    160gb Maxtor Hard Drive
  2. duffguy

    duffguy TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 125

    I also tried using different Anti-Virus programs also spyware programs like Ad-Aware
  3. Tedster

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    sounds like the registry is corrupt or the system is overheating when playing games. And what the heck are you doing playing games at WORK! ;)

    I doubt it is a virus. Work computers are not designed for gaming. Gaming is very taxing - especially something like WOW.
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