Computer cuts out after 2-7 seconds

By Sam8
Jul 1, 2010
  1. The computer in question is a packard bell desktop, 2days ago i'm pretty sure it overheated (the room was at 30c and it had been on a while) and shut itself off.

    When i turned it back on, the fan went full power, an was still going like that 10 mins later, so i turned it off.

    Then, when i turned it on again, after about 7 seconds it cuts out, after a second attempt is was down to about 5, and then even shorter - i stopped at that point.

    I opened it up too see if there was anything loose and had a poke about, by the time i was done ( about an hour later) it turned on fine and everything was back to normal.

    Next day it was fine, and then today it cuts out again due to heat, and after the fan blast, the same thing happened. I left it for 2 hours, everything cooled off - but still no action after 5 seconds or so!

    It's now been a day and still no luck, i get fan blasts sometimes, and 5seconds then cutout sometimes - but the longer i leave it the longer it seems to last ( left it for about 3 hours, and i got the 2 beeps plus screen loading)

    Is the computer thinking its still too hot and cutting off? Or is this a power related problem? The IT guy is abit creepy, i'd really like some help from you guys before i have to go to him :S

    Sorry this is so long, i guessed every detail counts

  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,188   +470

    Check to see if the heatsink/fan assembly is loose. One or more of the mounting pins may have popped loose. I presume you have a Intel processor. It might help if you posted some of your system specifications.
  3. baldyman10

    baldyman10 TS Rookie

    Please list your motherboard bios. Then we can find out what the 2 beeps meant. I am in a similar situation now with my pc and its such a pain in the *** to troubleshoot.
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