Computer does not start

By smeezekitty ยท 9 replies
Nov 7, 2008
  1. my computer is only a few months old and one day i booted it up and the lcd was dark ew days later connected it to an external moniter worked ok till one day
    plugged it into ac power it started charging push power button doesnt go on and the charge light goes off unless i unplug it for 5 seconds and plug it back in
    it is a great quilty (yeah right) from frys it used to run xp
  2. Tmagic650

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    Your computer must be a laptop, and if it's only a few months old it must be under warranty. Take it back to Fry's and have them fix or replace it
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    Try to do that Kimsland and Tedster mentioned you to and if it won't work then you may use the warranty and return it back when you buy it and they will do what needs to be done or they will give you one new...
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    No power

    let me rephrase it is not "NO POST" is more like no power on
    and by the way frys is to far away since the move so that is not an option
    any suggjestions?
    p.s. i tried a similer power supply (same volts same polirity same plug lower amps)
    it did exactly the same thingg
  8. kimsland

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    Well that is counted as no power
    Because it doesn't even effectively turn on
    And it doesn't even do a power on self test :(

    Hang on, all those last words? I'm just going to put them together :)

    No power on self test !

    ! Wait that's No POST :rolleyes:

    Please read the No Post guide:

    Let me know if you tried everything in there :approve:
  9. smeezekitty

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    not only no power pushing the power button makes it worse
    if i push the button all lights go dead unless i unplug and replug in the power adapter then it will charge unless i push the power button then starts all over
  10. kimsland

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    This definately sounds like hardware related. Best to return under warranty
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