Computer doesn't turn on

By garbar11
Aug 21, 2011
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  1. Hello everyone,
    My computer doesn't turn on when i press the power button.
    My casing (tower) is new and so is the power supply. I recently got myself a motherboard to have a SATA port for my new Harddisk. It worked perfectly in the start but then the power button on the casing started giving me trouble. The trouble then was that when i pressed the power button the blue indicator led around the power button would light up but the monitor wouldnt show anything, i fixed that by switching off the power of the wall sockets and then switching it back on once the monitor's blinking light would go out,it usually started up in first try or sometimes i had to redo the process a few more times to get it started. The problem now is that one day i tried to turn on my computer but it didnt work, i gave it around 3,4 tries and when it didnt work i took out the ram cards and cleaned them with just a dry cloth and then placed them back in but when i tried to turn it on, the blue light around the power button wont light up, the fans didnt move,the processor light did blink when i pressed the power button, the led on the motherboard lit up, the monitor's light blinked. The monitor's fine because when i took out the vga cable,it displayed a 'no vga' sign.
    I have tried a few things to fix it namely,
    1.plugging out every power connector cable from every harddisk, cdrom,motherboard and plugging them back in.
    2.plugging out every unpluggable item from the motherboard and trying again after plugging in only the essentials which were the basic hard disk, one ram and the power connectors on the motherboard.
    3.taking out the motherboard and holding it away from the casing and then plugging in the power.
    4.taking out every item from the motherboard and then trying after putting everything back in.
    5.trying a different switch, it didnt work so i put the original one back in.
    6.touching the screwdriver to the two pins,the ones where you connect the power switch, it didnt start up even then.
    7.trying a different power supply.
    I am kind of lost out here so if anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.
  2. garbar11

    garbar11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thankyou TheSisko for your reply. I have tried another PSU. It was my brother's and it works fine on his computer but it didnt work on mine,it gave the same results,no blue led,no fans.

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