Computer Freeze

By Eidern
Nov 20, 2009
  1. Hello! I have a somewhat weird problem with my computer that I have never noticed during the whole time I have had it, until yesterday.

    I'm a huge noob when it comes to computers, so I don't know how to go into any detail, but the problem is: When my laptop is connected to a wireless network, it works just fine. It doesn't matter if I enter the correct or incorrect password to a network Im trying to connect to. But here's the strange part. When my laptop is _NOT_ connected to a network, like when I disconnect from one, it freezes completely about 1-5 mins after booting, and I can't do anything at all. The harddisk light completely stops blinking. Not putting the monitor down works, not CTRL-ALT-DEL either. The only thing that helps is rebooting.

    But this only happens when Im not connected to a network, and I really have no idea why. any help is greatly appreciated. My laptop is a MSI ex310 with windows XP if that matters at all.
  2. kimsland

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    This type of slow down when offline can be a program or service trying to connect to the Internet, even though you're offline.
    Programs such as Antivirus, or email (and messenger) Windows updates; Antimalware programs; Java; Media player; even active content on your Desktop including your wallpaper; Internet shortcuts; or many other active icons or programs trying to update to the Internet.
    Manufacturer hardware driver updates and programs and even Adobe and Office updates

    It can also be your network settings themselves, with keep trying to connect; DNS entries or mapped drives and virtual drives and software, even P2P software and networked printers. The list could be endless.

    Start by turning off Windows startups, here's an easy program to use:
    Then run CCleaner to remove any temp files:
    Place your Desktop settings and themes to Windows default settings
    Turn off screen savers, and download managers
    Run Internet Explorer Reset:
    And check network settings are set correctly to your ISP, and disable not required networks

    It can also be malware, have a look here at our removal guide:
    Or (as stated above) confirm your Antivirus is up to date, and run a full scan

    There are many possibilities ;)
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