Computer freezes at POST screen

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Jan 18, 2008
  1. i updated the bios on my EliteGroup 661FX-M mobo, everything went fine and the computer booted normally. i then found a newer version so i updated again but this time when it booted everything came up on the POST screen like normal and thats it, it will freeze. i cant press del to go into the settings or anything.
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    Try downgrading the bios again (to the one that worked OK)

    Updating bios is a critical thing to do, so make sure that you have the correct rom file
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  4. focus_water

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    i noticed if i disconnect the HDD it wont freeze at the POST screen any more. so i thought i can simply make a boot disk, reinstall the new bios and it will be fixed, but on my other computer i have linux and i dont have a floppy disk drive. so is there any other way of installing the bios?
  5. kimsland

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    Yes via a bootable CD

    Some manufactures in this case ECS may have the option for creating a bootable CD to flash your bios.

    CD is usually not recommended though, as you cannot backup the old bios to anything.

    Please refer to Tedster's link above for flashing the bios
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