Computer freezing and accasionaly reloading BIOS

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Feb 19, 2010
  1. Hi,

    i bought this set a few days ago: Asus P7P55D-LE, Intel i7 2.8GHz, Ati Radeon HD 5770, 4g RAM and Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. It has been "freezing" all the time and ive been starting to think its my hard drives. But know its been starting to reloading my BIOS like making me have to put the setups again. When it freezes nothing works and when i try the num lock on my keyboard it doesnt go on and off. It freezes randomly, some times when i play a game or sometimes just on the desktop without doing anything. If i leave the computer on and go to school it's frozen when i come back.Pls someone help me? . Im kinda regretting my purchase.

    E: And when it freezes it requires reboot.
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    First thing first, the computer is in Warranty; so you should call the system's supplier and ask them to fix it.

    Secondly, please go to Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools and open Event Viewer. You need to carefully scan Event Viewer's Windows Log (you need to click on it to open sub-tabs containing Application, Security, Setup, System logs etc. Please carefully examine all of them and let me if you see Red/Yellow Tags events with their Event ID Number and other details related to processes/files etc.
  3. kApp

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    System: There is allways one
    Error, EventLog : The previous system shutdown was unexpected.
    and then there is one after that:
    Critical, Kernel-Power: The system was restarted without shutting it down.

    Error, SideBySide: Its saying something about adobe air, which comes with League of Legends. Something that it isnt suited with the element assemblyIdentity.
    Warning, RPC: Some memory leaking.

    (Sorry for my bad english translates.)

    E: Thanks for the fast post, and btw. could it be some application like Steam, Avast, spybot?
  4. Archean

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    It can be a software issue, but still you need to ensure that RAM is ok. Now, if you could give me Event ID with it would been have more helpful. Anyhow, please download memtest and run it for at least 8 pases, you can have a look at this guide about using it.
  5. kApp

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    Well know i bought 2 harddrives and another casefan to make the overall temperature drop for some overclocking in the future. I set the drives to RAID and started installin Windows 7 and know it froze again in the installing of Windows. So could it ne some BIOS setup or something else? Btw. Writing this on my iPod and wlan. : )
  6. Archean

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    Yes. What settings you have for your SATA drives in the Bios?

    Also here is a brief guide about installing windows on RAID.

    Raid drivers are not installed by default by the Windows Operating system; therefore if your Raid drivers are not installed manually at the beginning of the Windows installation sequence, the chances are that you will not have access to your Raid disk drive(s).

    To remedy this the driver(s) need to be installed during the very early stages of installation of the Windows Operating system

    Clean Install

    1. Turn your PC On.
    2. As the PC starts quickly insert the Windows Vista/Win7 DVD into the DVD drive.
    3. If all goes well a black screen should appear with the legend 'Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.' If you miss this screen just reboot your machine again.
    4. At the 'Press any key to boot from CD or DVD' screen Press Enter or any other key to start the Windows Installation.
    5. Windows will now start loading files into memory.
    6. After files have been loaded the screen will change to a black screen with a green progress bar. Beneath the progress bar are the Microsoft copyright details.
    7. After a short while the language selection screen will appear. Select the desired language, and then click the Next button.
    8. The Install screen will now appear.
    9. On the Install screen Press the Install Now button.
    10. At the next screen Insert your Windows Product Code number and press Enter.
    11. Next you need to accept the EULA (End User Licence Agreement). Place a Tick in the Accept box and then Click the Next button.
    12. At the next screen you will need to Select your Installation type. As you are performing a Clean install only the Custom option will be available for selection.
    13. The next screen asks 'Where do you want to install Windows'.
    14. On this screen, bottom left hand corner, you will see an option marked Load Drivers. Click on this option.
    15. To install the device driver(s) you will need to insert the installation media that came with the RAID/SATA drives and which contains the relevant driver(s) for different operating systems (can be on floppy disk, CD/DVD or USB flash drive). Once you have inserted the media into the relevant drive, Click the OK button.
    16. The system will now search the media for the relevant driver(s).
    17. After the search has been completed the driver(s) will appear in the 'Select the driver to be installed' Window.
    18. Select the relevant driver and then click Next.
    19. The driver will now be installed.
    20. If more than one driver requires to be installed, repeat steps 17 to 19 until the necessary drivers have been installed.
    21. After all drivers have been installed, click the Next button to continue installing Windows Vista/Win7.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.
  7. kApp

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    Im having a hard time finding the RAID driver. (Basically dont know what to download) I have tried putting the RAID driver from the asus CD-ROM that i got with the motherboard, but a (windows cant be installed on (raid name) part 2. Part 2 because the part 1 is taken for windows 7 files.
  8. Archean

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    Well then you can take the Hardware Raid option; if you have your motherboard's manual; it will have all the detail you need to configure hardware raid. I am looking for it right now; and will update this same post asap I find something usable from that.

    You can download your motherboard's manual from here, download to the bottom of this page and you'll see the link for manual's download.

    According to above referred manual your motherboard comes with another manual for RAID confgurations or the RAID manual which is bundled in the motherboard support DVD
  9. kApp

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    You havent had to do an F6 Pre driver install for any kind of RAID be it Intel or nVidia since Windows Vista, all of the pre install drivers are built in. I too am not having any problems with the IMSM software in x64 nor x86 versions on Windows 7.


    I found that on another forum.

    E: Could you PM me your msn because this is kinda furstrating. I added you.

    E2: So is there any way in changing the current driver of my hard drives? Know there is only some windows driver's when i check the Device Manager.
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