Computer froze now it won't turn on!


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I started having problems about a week or so ago. Whenever I turned off the computer and turn it on again, I would get an error at boot-up that my "CPU is unworkable or has been changed." I would go into BIOS and it was detected correctly. I would exit BIOS and it would boot into windows 7. The error would come up everytime I restarted the computer. I had overclocked my cpu so I took it back to default settings and that stopped the boot-up error.

Now I had bought a new Seagate 2TB Harddrive which had the cc34 firmware. I was going to update the firmware on it so I unplugged my other harddrive and ran the firmware update utility burned on a cd. The new hard drive was DOA. it was not detected by the update utility nor in BIOS. I tried different sata cables, different sata ports on the motherboard and different sata power cables from the psu.

And now......I was on my computer when it froze, so I ctrl-alt-delete to shut the application that was stalling. But the task manager never came up and the monitor turned black, more of a grayish black. After a few minutes of nothing I pressed and held the power button on my case. That did not do anything either. So I flipped the switch on the psu.

I flipped it back. The light on the motherboard next to the 24-pin lights up; however when I press the power button on the case, nothing happens.

Any ideas? Any other info needed from me?


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