Computer has problems with switching on

By newface
Apr 29, 2016
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  1. I have accidentally spilled grapefruit juice on my asus netbook and now it has problems with switching on. After that the indicator (red arrow) was showing, that my computer was switched on, but actually it wasn't. Even after I took out the battery and placed it back inside again the same thing occurred. Pressing the power button made no difference at all. The computer looked like it was switched off, but the indicator was on and I have heard a very quiet noize from the mainboard (circuit on the left).

    I have rubbed the area withing the orange line with alcohol (95%) and my computer has switched on. I have spilled the juice over the right part, so I was focusing on the expansion card.

    My pc works fine when it is on. It has no problems with restarting (rebooting). But the only problem that happens, is that when I shut it down, for it to boot again I have to unlock and lock again this switch thingy marked with the green arrow. It connects expansion card and the main board. And after that immediately to press the power button. So basically I have to dis-attach the keyboard every time to start my pc, to be able to unlock and lock that switch thingy.

    Blue arrows are the keyboard and the touchpad wires. Yellow arrow is the power button.

    What am I to do? I really dont wont to waste time, money and energy to get it to the asus repair center. I want to make it work on my own. I really love my pc and it is the greatest. What would you advise me to do to make it back working (switching on) properly? Maybe rub the whole expansion card and this wire (that connects main board and expansion card) with alcohol??
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