Computer keeps on going to hibernate/stand by mode?

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Jul 31, 2009
  1. Everything was working fine until yesterday when I turned my laptop it said "low battery , switch to AC power", but my laptop always stays plugged in, I rarely use battery life. Now every 5 to 20 minutes or so , it will warn me about low battery ( even when I use AC power) and hibernate immediately. I went to power options and I unchecked hibernation mode, now it goes on stand by mode instead. Same problem. The ac icon on my desktop tray will appear, then turn into battery icon ( `100%) then go to on stand by mode. Next, I took battery out and tried to run on AC power only, but again, it went to stand by mode at start up. I don't know what is wrong all of a sudden?

    specs are
    HP Compaq nx6310 laptop running windows xp professional, 1016 RAM, T2400 1.83 Ghz, 70 GB ( 1 GB free)
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    One thing that is popular with HP is the DC jack which the adapter plugs into, but you clam it's charging (hence the 100%). How old is the computer? Also have you checked that the fans are running and the computer isn't overheating?
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    this laptop was given to me, but I've had it for less than 2 years. The fan is working but I did have troubles recently with the laptop getting really hot ( is that what you mean by overheating?). There was an incident when smoke was coming out of the vents and it made crackling sounds but someone told me it could have been dislodged dust from the vents. If overheating caused this, what can I do to fix it? Everything else is working fine, except for the power problem.
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    As soon as you're told something like this, you should never attempt to even turn the computer on. Use 'compressed air' if available (or if you must, use a compressed air can) to gently blow out the fans underneath, (anywhere that there is an opening" to clear everything out. Laptops run hot, and dust collecting around it will only make it hotter. ANother thing I would recommend is purchasing a cooling pad. You could probably pick one up at Best Buy for around $20.00 and will make a huge difference.
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    thanks for suggestion about cooling pad , I didn't knkow about that! Also, I will try cleaning vents w/ compressed air
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