computer locks up whenever I attempt to go to MyComputer,

By lcwilsonsr
Sep 1, 2007
  1. Hello, maybe youj can assist me with my latest computer locks up whenever I attempt to go to MyComputer, WindowsExplorer, MyMusic, etc. It works perfectly fine for everything else but when I attempt to go to these folders, etc. the hour glass just sits there for hours and the computer does nothing, no error message or comment on the Window Task Manager. I usually have to shut down or restart the computer to get it working again. Any help????

  2. Marten74

    Marten74 TS Rookie

    Hi there.
    It sounds like you have a bug problem. If everything works great and oly those folders give you headaches, you might need to run a virus scan, spyware detectors and malware removers. That used to be a problem for me a long time ago but generally those were the causes.
    If your computer is clean, then you might have broken shortcuts or registry errors.
    In short, it seems you need to clean, scrub, repair and optimize your system.
    Run some scans and use diagnostic software like System Mechanic or Advanced System Optimizer.
    Let me know it this helps.
    Best of luck.
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