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Mar 14, 2012
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  1. Pretty much as the title says. The scenario is pretty much, brother's friend is giving me computer parts, so my brother told me to move my computer to the kitchen so he can put them in. So I turned off my computer, flipped the power switch and unplugged everything and did as he told me. But when we put it in the kitchen, his friend wasn't here yet, so I decided to plug everything back in and play it for a while till he does. But when I did so, and flipped the switch on and turned my computer on, everything ran like usual, but the monitor wouldn't come on. We switched monitors to see if that was the problem, but the problem still consisted. We were going to try different motherboards, but my Power Sluppy doesn't have all the plugs required. And we would try different video card, but both my brother's requires 550w and his friend's require 600w. Sad thing is, my Power Supply is 450 max.

    I might have said some things wrong, because I'm not much of a computer tech savvy person, but any help would great.
  2. Tmagic650

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    "And we would try different video card, but both my brother's requires 550w and his friend's require 600w. Sad thing is, my Power Supply is 450 max"...

    For testing the 450 should work fine. You should open the computer and try to re-seat the video card. It could have come loose when you moved the computer
  3. Narvarity

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    We tried both the video cards and re-seating it, but it still didn't seem to help. Could it be the motherboard?
  4. Narvarity

    Narvarity TS Rookie Topic Starter

    -It's not the motherboard, we tried 2 different ones, which was my brother's friend's and he's using it right now, and his computer is running perfectly fine. The other day we were discussing if it was the Power Supply, because it was running perfectly fine the day before it crashed.
  5. Tmagic650

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    Doesn't make any sense, losing video or a motherboard just by moving a computer to another room in your house... You are plugging in the monitor into the right video connector on the computer? Have you tried using the on-board video connection?
  6. Narvarity

    Narvarity TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry for the wait, I wanted to talk to my brother some more about it. He still keeps saying it could be the Power Supply, but then I remembered, last time this happened, it was because my Motherboard got fried. But we can't try my other Motherboard because he said something like, all the current Power Supplies we have don't have enough power(I think) connectors.

    I also remembered ever since I've had it fixed, which was about the beginning of last year, it would randomly make 2 clicking noises whenever it had to load something.

    I also forgot to mention, when I tried to turn it on in the kitchen the first time, the computer would start normally - it usually took a couple of seconds for the monitor to come on, but after a couple of seconds from the initial start, the computer would restart itself and repeat. My brother then turned it off and did something and it stopped, but the monitor still wouldn't come on.

    I'm now leaning towards it being the Power Supply instead of the Motherboard/Video Card, because I've tried about 2 different Motherboards and Video Cards the problem consisted. I've also tried the 2 On-Board Video Connectors as well.
  7. Tmagic650

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    Yes, get that power supply :)
  8. Michelle929

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    Power Suppy or the Heat Sink

    Got same problem before when my machine would restart after 2-3 seconds from starting up. I had traced it to a defective power supply. Another case, was when the heat sink of the processor is no longer firmly attached to the chip. So, i just have it pasted with thermal paste to the chip. The system will automatically shuts down if it detects so much heat on the processor.

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