Computer names in my home network

By rambentuvia
Dec 23, 2008
  1. Hi
    I have a home network with WIN-XP and Linux computers
    I manage to access the printers and disks from one machine to another but I always need to use the ip address, 3, 5 etc. When the router boots, these change and one computer that was previously with 2 at the end may change to have 4 at the end.
    How do I set it up so that each machine has its own name (or address) and it sticks to it.
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  3. rambentuvia

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    Thanks, I managed to figure it up in my router but the answer and link kind of helped me to understand what I did.
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    Another approach is to use MAC filtering to preassign IP addresses.
    DHCP is still used on all systems but the router predicts the IP address to be
    assigned to each MAC address see -- effectively creating Static addresses without
    ever touching all the systems.

    Once that works, you can add addresses to your HOST file to make the association
    of address-->name, eg Hewie Dewie Louie

    Copy the host file to all systems and on each
    ipconfig /flushdns
    net stop "dns client"
    net start "dns client"​

    Now you can access by-name, eg
    ping Hewie​
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