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computer no long starts

By spuddy.corp · 6 replies
Jun 20, 2007
  1. can anyone help me with my computer. switched it on the other day and it powered up but nothing came up on the screen and made no bips which it normally makes 1 short beep when first starts but nothing. fans still go and all lights still go. monitor has power and is conected to graphics card. ne ideas would be appreciated
  2. outofstyle

    outofstyle TS Rookie

    My first guess would be a video card problem
    if you hit escape, do you get any info on the screen?

    most newer systems have a video card built into the mother board, if you are currently plugged into an add on card (one that you can remove) you can try removing it and using the onboard one, this may require you to enable it in the BIOS
  3. spuddy.corp

    spuddy.corp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    outofstyle; "My first guess would be a video card problem"

    thanks for post. i have tried removing graphics card and using the factory intergrated graphics with no joy. still turns on with fans/lights going but nothing appearing on the screen and no beep to signal that its starting up.
    i have also tried swapping the current graphics card ATI radeon 9600 pro with an old 64mb geforce(not sure of exact specs of geforce) but didnt make a difference.

    Read somewere after googleing that damaged/corrupted ram could cause similar issues but i believe if it were the ram it would still boot to dos before showing up an error.

    i am currently leaning towards motherboard or cpu but cant think of a reason as to why either would have died.

    i would be greatful for any futher ideas
  4. outofstyle

    outofstyle TS Rookie

    Sorry to hear that spuddy.corp
    Sounds like you’re on the right track and it pretty much comes down to a process of elimination.

    RAM, CPU or MB most likely (PSU not as likely since it appears to be working)
    Try calling a few local stores and see if they can test any of you’re equipment, if you have more than one stick of memory try them one at time.

    Good luck
  5. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    Actually, the PSU is the first thing I would try (besides testing ram). The reason I say this, is because I had a Cool Watt power supply that would turn on every fan, and the lights on the CDroms would stay constanly green. Went out and got a new 600 watt and it worked just fine. If it is not that, I would take the cpu to any local cpu shop. They will usually test it for 5 bucks, and only takes a few minutes.
  6. iammad

    iammad TS Rookie

    I have a very similar problem as you op, everything in my computer will work but nothing will appear on screen and when i turn it off all fans and lights still work. When i turn off the PC and restart it again sometimes it works or when i turn off the PSU for a couple of seconds then turn it back on it will work again.

    Though i have not fixed the problem maybe i can be of help. I suspect the main problem to be either the cpu or the mobo because with my problem my ram is perfectly fine, i tried two different PSUs with the same results and my vidcard works perfect.

    I think its more probable the problem to be a mobo problem because it is consuming energy to power up the fans and whatnot when the computer is off which is unnecessary and less probable to be the cpu because i don't know much about what I'm talking about :p

    I'll soon test my same PC Rig with a different mobo and see if the same results occur or not, hope this helps you some bit. :-D
  7. spuddy.corp

    spuddy.corp TS Rookie Topic Starter


    it seems that it was a cpu after all that.
    borrowed a cpu off a mate and tried that in my computer and it started up and all went fine. not to sure what is wrong with mine or how it happened but i have been thinking of upgrading for some time so now i have a good excuse.
    thanks everyone for your time and input

    and iamamd i agree that it sounds like a motherboard issue if fans etc keep going
    even when power is off but i wouldn't completely rule out the power supply but good luck with sorting out your pc
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