Computer Not Powering on

By PanzerBoy
May 8, 2008
  1. was excited to build my new system 790i nforce mobo ,inel 9300 with tuniq tower H/s , 2gb reaper ocz,750gb hd for data, 3x 9800 tri sli, 1200watt psu.

    And to my dismay it refuses to start. mobo has blue led on when pluged in and when i try to start up orange mem. light comes on then stays on and green main power light flickers on then goes out and wont respond untill unplugged. Possibly the motherboard ?
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    Hey Tedster! The link above is a seriously well written topic! No one is going to find it from 2006 though. And it's closed. It should be in the must reads. How do we get it there?
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