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Dec 5, 2008
  1. Hi, I have a printing problem with my computer. When I try printing an image there are a lot of lines all over the image, also some colors are not coming out right. I have tried two printers in it and they both do the same thing and I have also used the printer in another computer and it works fine, so it must be something wrong with my computer. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  2. Tedster

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    your print head is clogged and needs to be cleaned. If the automatic cleaning does not work, you can try manual cleaning with 100% isopropyl alcohol bath and qtips. If that doesn't work, replace the head.
  3. 1bellb

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    That wont work, because this is the second printer I have used in the computer and both are the same and the printer works fine on another computer, so it is something to do with the computer not the pronter
  4. noorman

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    What is shown on screen if you ask to view a print preview ?

    A good result or a garbled one ?

  5. 1bellb

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    Sorry it took me a long time to reply.
    The print preview is find, there is nothing wrong with it at all.
    Tommorrow I am just gonna reformat the hard drive and re-install windows vista, if that doesnt fix it then it must be a hardware fault.
    Even though I have re-installed and updated all hardware drivers
  6. gbhall

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    No, dont reinstall, it is almost certainly a software fault. Delete the whole printer in system - hardware, reboot without the printer connected, then connect and let Vista re-detect it. It should say what it thinks the printer is, and install the correct drivers either from Vista itself or the internet.
  7. 1bellb

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    I have done that, I have re-installed it several times, I have even let Vista detect it and install what it thinks is right but it said installing for 7 Hours 32 Mins so I eventually gave up and cancled it,
    which this is also another problem with the PC, installing and uninstalling takes hours, and that is no exaduration LOL
    So today in a couple hours I will just re-install Vista, I know it isnt a hardware fault because I have tested all hardware components and they are all working fine
    So Ill try a re-install, I wont be losing anything important, well nothing I cant put back on it anyway
    Thanks for trying to help anyway
  8. noorman

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    Have you checked your OS partition's free disk space ?

    Have you checked for viruses and spyware ??

    That your system is generally slow points to one of those (in most cases)

    EDIT: since any printer uses a buffer (i.e. disk space), you need a certain amount of free space to even be able to print anything ...

  9. 1bellb

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    There is more than half of the 500GB hard drive free, I have checked for virus and spyware and it did find loads but it is still the same,
    and my system has the Q6600 G0 Stepping Processor at 2.4GHz, it has OCZ 4GB of RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GTS graphics card and a 32bit Vista Home Premium OS System, so no the computer isnt slow, well, shouldnt be slow, however the hard drive is making a clicking noise every now and then, but it has been doing that since I got it and when I got it, it would play anything, even Crysis in media detail, so it is something that has happened over time. I think!!!
  10. 1bellb

    1bellb TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 86

    I have fixed it, and it didnt need Vista re-installing, what I did was uninstall everything to do with Epson which loads of people sujested, but I also went into my Registry Files (dont worry I know what I am doing in there), and deleted everything to do with Epson, I then plugged in the printer again and Vista installed the driver and then it was complete, the printer works fine now.
    Thanks to everyone who tried to help.
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