Computer not visible in Microsoft Windows Network


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I have a mixture of domain and workgroup computers on the network and wan to have them all visible in Microsfot Windows Network (My Network Place).

Group1 - Machine1 & Machine2 are on workgroupA with its own subnet and can see each other fine.

Group2 - Machine3 & Machine4 are on the domain and can see each other fine.

Group3 - Machine5 & Machine6 are also on the domain however on a different subnet and it too can see each other fine.

If I am on Machine1, it only sees Machine2. When I am on Machine3, it can not see Machine1, 2, 5, or 6, however it can see Machine4.

The same goes for Machine5, can't see any other machine except Machine6 even though its on the domain.

I have a WINS server in place in Group2 and it WINS see all the machines as Active Registrations. But when I go into My Network Places on the WINS server, it only sees machines in Group2 which are Machine3 & Machine4.

DNS entries are setup correctly with correct hostname and IP so I'm lost as to what is happening here.

Sorry of this sounds confusing.


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My understanding is that
  1. a given system(A) may be attached to a domain OR
  2. unattached and accessed in a workgroup; mutually exclusive.
That says your request is not possible


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I moved machines in Group3 which are on the domain to the same subnet as Group1 that has machines on workgroup. I'm able to see all machines in Group1 & Group3 but not Group2. I'm curious to know what populates the list of computers in My Network Place? The WINS server is also the DNS and Computer Broswer is ON.


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Can you please tell us what the subnet and subnet mask of each group is. Is the server that is in group 2 the only server you have? If not, what is the IP address/subnet mask of the other server(s)?


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And what is the Network portion of each group?,, for examples. Don't need the exact IP's, just the network portion of the IP.