Computer powers on, off then turns on normally

  1. Hi,

    I have seen and read the posts about computers that just cycle, however mine does not do this.

    It powers on for about 2s then turns off for about 2s then turns back on completely normally. This is not an issue in itself, I was more wondering if it was a sign that something is wrong.

    E4400 @2.93GHz (stock 2GHz)
    4GB @815MHz (stock 800MHz)
    x1950pro 512MB
    Gigabyte GA-P35-S3
    Huntkey 550W PSU
    500GB HD

    This problem only occurs when it hasn't been on for a while e.g. if I were to turn it off then on in the period of a couple of mins (as long as still connected to the mains in that time) then it would turn on completely normally.

    This issue also doe not occur if I completely remove the overclock. Please not the overclock is 4+h Orthos stable, cpu temps do not rise above 60 and I don't receive in game crashes.

    As I said it is not a major problem in itself, I just don't want to be damaging something.

    Thanks in advance.

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