Computer restarts when using burner...

By solwell
Jan 11, 2009
  1. About two weeks ago, the program I was using for CD and DVD burning for years (Roxio Easy CD and DVD creator 6) stopped working. It would freeze while writing the TOC and cause the computer to freeze up. I would then need to power down. Needing to still be able to burn discs I turned to Plextor Tools, a small app that came with my Plextor 712A, just to see if it was the burner or some software issue. It sucessfully burned a few discs and then it began to cause the computer to restart upon launch. I then downloaded, installed and ran an app called CDBurnerXP. It also causes my computer to restart. Sometimes, right when the application is launched, and sometimes not until the burn is initiated. I'm trying to rule out a virus before I pursue a hardware solution. P.S. I'm unable to reinstall the Roxio program because the version that came with the computer (v. 5) is no longer compatible with my current OS. (Or so it says.) I've done the 8 step process and attached the logs. Thanks.
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