Computer runs slowly after sitting over night

By dylanharrod3
Aug 19, 2011
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  1. Hello,

    My name is Dylan and i just finished building my dream desktop.
    It has an Asus P8P67 PRO motherboard, 500gb Western Digital Caviar Green Hard drive, Intel i7 3.4ghz socket type LGA1155 quad core processor with 8 threads, 600w power supply, and an AMD Visiontek 5550 HD graphics card.

    So after another successful day of computing and gaming yesterday, i wake up this morning to find it running very slowly. And I mean, it is slow! Even the bios menu is very slow. Once it finally boots into windows, which takes about 15 minutes, things are still very slow. response time is good, i mean, when i run a program, the window for the program opens right up but takes for ever to load to a usable state. And for some reason, my mouse doesn't work. Please help, as i have not even been using this computer for a week!

    I have been monitoring cpu temps, and they never seem to go over 46 degrees Celsius, even when gaming. so i pretty much know its not overheated. But what about ram? Maybe it overheated? If you need any more specs i will be happy to give them.
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    There is a good possibility you are infected. Go to our Virus & Malware Removal forum, read and follow exactly as given the directions in the Updated 7 Steps sticky.

    Then on that forum post your results. Make sure you paste the information as directed.
  3. dylanharrod3

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    I am now on the broken computer, it is now fixed. For some reason, some settings didnt match up in the bios. Just had to reset the CMOS memory. Worked like a charm. A BIG thanks goes out to the geek squad, which recommended that i do that.

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