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Mar 28, 2006
  1. Okay, so I was just sitting on my computer not doing anything out of the ordinary when all of the sudden my computer shut down. It tried to restart itself, but literally a second later it shut down again, this time for good. I am using an Intel Pentium 4 processor if that means anything. I know it's not the cords or powersupply that is causing the problem. Any ideas?

    Thank you.
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    i dont think telling us the processor helped, how are you sure its not the powersupply? and if its not, then its the mobo(sorry to say). try this, pick it up and shake it for dear life, that fixed a couple of problems for me.(try not to drop it while shaking, specially not on your toe)
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    EDIT: your system specs are the one on your profile yes?


    -open up your pc, disconnect the power chord from the wall outlet.
    -look inside and see if theres any physical signs of damage: poped/leaky capacitors, scorch/burn marks, scratches, excessive dust and debrie etc.. and also use your nose to smell if anything has burnt out
    -inspect your motherboard is not shorting out on the pc case (all screws are correctly placed etc)
    -do you get any fans running/devices running?
    -disconnect/uninstall all extra devices and go to basic [mobo,vga,sound,cpu,psu] and try to boot.
    -reset your bios by either jumping the cmos clear pins or taking out the cmos battery
    -reset your psu by unpluging it from the wall outlet and holding the power button for 15sec, conferm the voltage setting is to your country standards (240v/120v)
    -have you had any power outages or spikes recently?
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    i don't see how shaking it will help it at all, the only thing that would do is move wires that are touching metal which would cause a shortage. and i made sure this wasnt the scenario. actually it might be the power supply, maybe i can find someone here that will let me use theirs to see.

    yes, the specs are the same as in my profile. there are no signs of anything, but yesterday the room was smelling funny like chlorox bleech or something. i didn't think anything about it until the cpu shut off, so i guess something burnt out, just dont know what.

    when i hit the power button on the case absolutely nothing happens. no fans turn on, it doesn't even try to start up. the light on the mobo which is usually always on isn't even on.
  5. enufofyou2

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    it was indeed the powersupply, i hooked someone else's up to my computer and it turned on. then i ordered one from newegg so i should be good to go in a couple of days!!
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    power supplies are often very cheaply made and quality often goes unnoticed by buyers. The profit margin with power supplies is very high.
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    i got a coolermaster 400W and i hear they are of my fans in my cpu is coolermaster, so we'll see
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    if you want to know what PSUs are reliable go to Tom's hardware website and read about their independant load tests of several brands.
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