Computer shuts off as though I pulled the plug

By Mazrim
Jan 18, 2011
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  1. Hi everyone, hoipefully someone's seen this happen before: Whenever I go to plug in something into one of my USB slots, my computer immediately and instantly shuts off, as though I had pulled the power cord out of the socket. This started happening just recently following some strange issues. Just a few days ago, my system began taking up to 10 minutes to fully load up to where I could run any programs without the system hanging. The avg time before then was around 1 minute. The only thing I had done differently was perform windows update (there were 14 updates to be installed). Things have been whacky since then, so I had figured it was an issue with one of the updates, so I performed a restore to last known good config, but I still have the same issues. My computer is used for 3 things: Do college homework, play WoW (I never go to wow fansites, ever.), and check my email (I get commercial, campus and blizzard email, and the occasional Best Try -- err BUY sales adverts). I'm a tad stumped here.
  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    There are quite a few different USB connectors which will debilitate/cripple your system but this has to do with signing of drivers and allocation of System resources, Which is done at the CPU level, realistically it just adds up the "advertised usage" from the driver when you plug/sign it into to port. However there are quite a few accessories that don't tell the CPU their power usage. This may lead to a shutdown due to erroneous voltage "spikes"

    You could try this post by LookinAround could help if you are consistently yanking out connectors like there were wall sockets :)

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