Computer thinks it's in safe mode

By Klykyl
Feb 3, 2009
  1. I have another thread in viruses but this problem doesn't fall under viruses.

    My computer thinks it's in safe mode when it isn't. It's in normal mode currently but none of my needed services work I can't use my printer, none of my sound devices work and I can't turn on my services. I get a error message saying my computer is in safe mode. Most importantly I am not able to install anything anymore. And my windows customizations are gone.. like my start bar looks like classic and I can't get the xp look which is either blue silver or green. Also, it doesn't look like its letting Kodak east share run either.

    So what's going on? All i did was do SDfix and my computer went form working almost perfectly to completely messed up.

    In the attachments I have put below
    In the bleh attachment that's the error I am getting when I try to start and stop a service. And I'm in normal mode.
    Shown in the Normal attachment.

    Then in weeewooo and weewoo attachments they both show that my settings are clascic but that is my only setting The other went missing after I did the scans yesterday morning.
    Here's what I want it to look like.
  2. Klykyl

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    Sorry for spamming up this forum. I solved my problem after looking around for a half an hour.
    Thread no longer needed :)
  3. Route44

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    Well tell us how you solved it! :)
  4. Klykyl

    Klykyl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 61

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