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Computer turns on, but I get a blank screen after replacing bad psu.

By krnj0e ยท 4 replies
Mar 2, 2007
  1. Well it started awhile back when my PSU died so I got a new better one, but the computer would still turn on but stay at a blank screen. I tested my parts and came to the conclusion that it was either my mobo or CPU or both, so I went to the store and got a new Asus mobo and a sempron chip and installed them. The computer still has the same problem and I don't know why and what to do. Sorry for my english and any help is much appreciated.

    Please use descriptive thread titles from now on.Thanks.
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    So how did you test your parts?

    Start with a minimal system - nothing but mobo, PSU, video, CPU and a single RAM module. Preferrably not in the computer case but on a nonconductive surface like a wooden desk.

    If it doesn't work, replace the video (if external) and RAM.

    Look over your habits. Did you take anti-static precautions when putting the thing together? (Something as basic as touching the computer case or the PSU before touching any other components.) Did you happen to work on the thing while it was plugged on and you dropped a screw on the motherboard?
  3. JohnHimself

    JohnHimself TS Rookie

    I have had this problem with two of my computers. I go to start it up and they turn on but the screen stays black. I thought it was the onboard video on the motherboard so I bought a new one and put it in and it still didn't work. Then, after some time,I tried switching the RAM and it worked. The next time it happened the first thing I tried was changing the RAM, and it worked again this time.

    Try switching the RAM for some that you know works. If there happen to be two sticks of RAM in your computer, remove one and try it, and if it still doesn't work put that one back and remove the other one and try it.

    Please post and tell us if it worked.
  4. krnj0e

    krnj0e TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes i did take anti-static precautions etc... and had already tried or newly tried the suggestions in the previous two posts and still nothing.

    edit - i tested my parts by plugging them into another computer and they all seem to work fine seperatly, but i couldnt or diddnt know how i could test my mobo and processor, so i assumed it was either of the two that had the problem and replaced them.
  5. JohnHimself

    JohnHimself TS Rookie

    Do you mean by "blank screen" the screen just staying black? If you did, could the monitor be the problem?

    I have some other ideas but I need you to clarify what is happening when you turn the computer on. I am assuming that you turn the computer on and it sounds like it is running fine but the monitor stays black.
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