Computer will not power up

By RoccoWoodbridge
May 11, 2008
  1. Hey guys, this morning i got up and realized the computer was shut down. There was no power outages in my area this morning. I tried hitting the power button but simply nothing happened. I tried turning off the power in the back of power supply and turned it back on. By doing this it gave a little power for about 3 tenths of a second and just shuts off, i tried disconnecting the power supply connector on the motherboard but i get the same result with power for just 3 tenths of a second.

    When i hit the switch in the back of the power supply to on , i can hear a little bit of power generate and i hit the switch to off, i can hear the energy just shut off. Im assuming the issue is due to the power supply but im not 100 % sure just based on the little troubleshooting tips i mentioned above. I also have tried swapping power supply units and yet i still get the same result with it not booting up. Would anyone know what the problem is?
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    I have followed all those procedures and i still have the same result. I notice when i turn on the power on the power supply my router recognizes the computer as the little circle lights up . When i turn the power supply off, the little circle light turns off and when i turn the power supply back on, the light lights up. Is that of any significance
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    Not Really.....

    If you've already swapped out the PSU, with the same result, the next step is to consider whether the motherboard has failed. You can check for burned out capacitors (swollen, burst, discolored), the most likely candidates these are around the CPU area, which is where the system voltage regulator resides.
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