Computer won't boot-at home

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Jan 26, 2009
  1. My computer won't boot. I turn on the power, and the light stays on less than a second. However, it DOES boot at the repair shop. I make sure it's securely plugged in. I've tried using a different power cable. I've tried different outlets. I've tried flipping the breakers in my apartment.

    The situation before. I added a hard drive to the computer. Related to hat, my laptop was plugged into the same surge protector. I've done that before, though. But, flipping the breaker didn't do anything anyway.

    I've taken it to the repair shop twice. So, that means it's been doing this at home 3 sets of times(with all the vibrations involved in carrying the computer a few blocks). It hasn't done this once at the repair shop.

    I haven't seen any problems with any other appliances, as far as my house power goes.

    It's not a name brand PC. It has a Gigabyte motherboard and and AMD chip.

    Thanks for your help
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    Do you have an electric stove? They are 220 volt so bigger cable. Usually they have a socket on the control panel - try that.
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    The first time I took it to the repair shop, he moved the hard drive. It booted fine. He was hitting enter a lot. I know to do that to boot from the DVD. I thought maybe this was unique for the hard drive, or something. So, I took it home, and watched my computer do nothing again.

    So, I took it back, and tried to explain my situation. He gave me another power adapter. That didn't help either.

    These problems are exacerbated by living in Taiwan and not speaking much Chinese. With the few words we know of each others' languages and gestures, I've been able to explain my problem and they've understood, I think. But, I'm less clear about their responses. One suggestion was power, so I tried other outlets, and flipped all the breakers-even though I haven't had a power problem in the 9 months I've lived here.

    I've built a couple of computers, but am far from an expert with hardware problems.

    I was editting for another reason. I tried holding the power in for 30 seconds, like the link said. The second time I did it, it worked.

    Hopefully, I am done bothering you. Thank you.
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    The question unasked so far is, 'Did it ever boot in that apartment?'.
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    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
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