Computer wont boot, cleard CMOS cache

By hellokitty[hk]
May 4, 2008
  1. I have an E4600 and a $60 foxconn board:

    My RAM is Patriot 2x1gig (5-5-5-12) pc-9200 (DDR2 1150)

    I overclocked my E4600 to 2.7Ghz on the stock cooler with good temperatures, then rebooted and pushed it to 3.0ghz and about 59 degrees and ran Prime 95 while installing major updates.

    Also i set my RAM at 1000 just like my procesors FSB and at timmings of 5-5-5-9 and either default voltage or 2.2 volts (can't remeber anyway none are dangerous)

    In my BOIS, in the overclocking section, i had my memory and CPU unlinked but just now, i set it to linked and entered the FSB back to the stock 800.

    When i tried to boot, It beeps continuously for several seconds, pauses for the same time, and then beeps again. It keeps alternating like that. When it is beeping, the case power light turns on and turns off when it stops. The HDD LED just blinks like it does during normal startup. Fans turn on, Apevia logo lights up, Fan speed controller works, Temperature LED is displaying resondable temps...everything starts normally except the monitor displays nothing and theres that beeping sound!

    oh umm... normally during bootup, i can't adjust my fans, they just run at full speed for a little while.

    Oh and while i was updating and running at 3.0ghz, the temps were fine (I think but i didn't think to check but they were always during the entire stresstest, at 58 or 59)
    and it started to quikly alternate between a higher pitch noise and a lower pitch noise like an ambulance.It lasted for about one second and I didn't even realize it was making the sound.

    Oh and also, the RAM showed up as in CPU-z at half the speed it should have ran. On the default of my mobo it showed 800 and when i booted CPU-z said it was 400 Same thing when i set it at 1000.

    Please help thank you!

    oh AND i took out the battery for a little while...still the same...I have a CMOS clear jumper thingy but i don't have a wire handy lol.

    The rest of my build is:
    500gb western digital 7200rpm
    ECS 9600gt
    Apevia x-jupiter-s something.........oh um jrg uh nvm
    Pioneer DVD burner
    Spectre 24" LCD monitor, under $300, is that a little cheep?
    Windows XP professional, just instaled service pack 2. Isnt service pack 3 coming out? i saw a thread on it...Installed Ofiice 2007.

    Also when i tried to use Foxconns bios utility, it lets you access your bios in your OS!!!, it told me somewere that if my comp hangs or something, to press the restart button. Both times that i tried to bring the CPU back to stock speed after running the Stress test a while, it froze and i used the Reset button.
    Speekin of the reset button, I think i put the wires for the reset and power button on as the Mobo says, but... it seemed that i switched them. It's fixed now though... Oh and i forgot to put those brass mounting thingys on the case to mount the mobo heh.

    Thanks for reading through all this!!
  2. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +6

    quote: Oh and i forgot to put those brass mounting thingys on the case to mount the mobo heh.

    So, have you since used them or are you getting used to a short-circuited mobo?
  3. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Topic Starter Posts: 3,448   +145

    No i put the brass thingys on before i even booted the comp.

    The back of the case does not seem to be very conductive...And my mobo seems to have worked fine for the past couple of days... I don't think that thaw was the problem.. hmm...Thought it might have been that though.



    I cleard the CMOS cach using the jumper instead of taking the battery out for a couple minutes AND IT WORKED!!!
    THANKS for your support CCT!

    EDIT(2): ahh i see now, i need to upgrade my bois or something. Whenever i set the RAM and FSB to "linked" it doesnt boot.
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