Computer won't reconnect Internet after drop out until restart

By FurnaceMan
Oct 30, 2012
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  1. Title say's most of it, lately my internet has been dropping out quite often and although my modem always reconnects (mostly by the time I have walked out to reset it) my computer will not until rebooted. I have tried resetting local area connection, windows troubleshooting, resetting router to factory settings, updating firmware, updating drivers on every device, and when using ipconfig /release/renew I get-

    "An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out"

    I also get a weird audio glitch where my sound come out with jumps of static when my net drops. I've seen a few threads with roughly the same problems but under different circumstances and so far none of their fixes have helped, I have also turned off my firewall and uninstalled my anti virus but nothing seems to be working so far, my router is a d-link 526B and I am running windows 7 64-bit if that helps.
    Thanks in advanced.
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    What type of service is this?

    DSL or Cable?

    The modem do you own it or rent it? If you rent it contact the ISP and tell them to send a hit to the modem. If they can't solve the issue then the modem would need to be replace. But fore for you do that let them check out the modem on their end. Before you do anything else.

    Each modem as a reset button on the back or bottom of them. Also do not press this button unless the ISP Tech as told you to do so? If the ISP said the Modem and your service is working correctly then move on to your Router. If the Router is 1 year then you should do a power recycle or do a full backup of the configuration, then do a factory reset. Also see if they have the latest factory firmware update for it.

    So do this...

    1. Have the Modem check out by the ISP first
    2. If Modem checks out okay then go to step 3
    3. Do a power recycle on the Router
    4. Backup Router configuration
    5. Do a factory Reset
    6. Do a Factory Firmware Update
    7. Restore Router Configuration from a backup
    8. Test the Router
    9. Should Router not manage the DHCP correctly? Replace the Router.

    Last step, only if you have tried all steps with the PC also.


    1. On the PC remove the driver (DO NOT DELETE IT) for the NIC (network interface card)
    2. Reboot the PC
    3. Let Windows Find the NIC and install the driver again
    4. If wired NIC it will configure itself or if Wireless you need to make sure that the SSID, Passcode (Password) are set right.

    Also if you have Windows restore the driver and you get an error saying device can't be found either you download the driver from the PC maker or another source. If that doesn't work then replace the NIC by disable it on the Motherboard or replacing the CARD in one of the PCI or PCI-E slots. If it's internal on a laptop you need to disable that and use a USB Wireless NIC. Install it's drivers from whatever source you get with that device.

    Good Luck!

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