Computer won't turn on for days after its turned off

By TheRogueAmigo
Sep 3, 2009
  1. Hey I have a really weird problem and as far as I know its pretty unique since I have been surfing the internet for ages without result.

    Here goes:

    I bought a alienware about a year ago. Over the year (sometime can't remember when) it developed this problem of not turning on after it was turned off. If it was left for a couple of hours it would. But THEN it developed this new thing were I would have to take the kettle plug out (whatever its called) and then leave it for a few hours and it would reboot then. We sent the computer back under warranty and they appartently put in a new power supply and motherboard. Fair play.

    Anyway got the computer back and it was fine. For about a week. Then it came back and VERY quickly grew worse and worse. Now if I take the kettle plug out and leave it, it takes about five days to turn on again.

    What the FUDGE is going on? (Lol sorry for the language :D:D)

    P.S This computer is pretty powerful like, handles any new game on top graphics without a problem and always loads in first. Dunno if that helps or not.
  2. chrome009

    chrome009 TS Rookie

    i have the same problem with my laptop , any help
  3. TheRogueAmigo

    TheRogueAmigo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I saw from streaming the internet that taking the battery out and then holding the start button for 30 seconds, then putting the battery back in and clicking the start-up button works

    For some reason I'm not allowed post the url till I have five post (which I don't have, only made account today) so if you google Computer won't turn on after turning off tictactoe it should be the first one. hope this helps!

    ...........Too bad its only for laptops, not PC's

    Still need someone to help me please :D. Dazzle me with your fount of knowledge eh? Go on, you know you want to :D. Please :-(
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