Computer won't turn on?

By edbug
Aug 26, 2009
  1. I go to turn it on, the fans start up and the computer seems asif it's going to boot for 6 seconds, then for 4 seconds it stops and tries again... It repeats this process over and over. It also makes a clicking noise which i don't know where is from whilst it is trying to boot.

    I think my PSU might have just broke but i'm really not sure. I haven't added anything to the computer for it to need more power. One thing i WAS thinking was that, i filled up my hard drive, but even when it was full i had turned it off and on and it worked, just 24hours after that... Is the problem likely to be a PSU because i don't want to buy one and not be able a refund?

    Help me please as i'm really needing my computer back to apply for jobs and other research.
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    Hi edbug,

    if the fan is spinning its not the psu at this time but i do feel you need to try and get into the bios to do this switch the machine on and press either F1 or F2 it should tell you onscreen what to press to enter setup once in there you navigate with the keyboard only need to see if your board has a hdd auto detect facility run this first if your machine stays in the bios without shutting down then psu is ok i would suspect motherboard but you have not mentioned any beeps when you turn the machine on it does a post test of the motherboard components if there is no beeps the board is fine so it has to be either HDD or possibly the graphic card as when you hear the clicking noise it can be the monitor that is making the noise try listen for this to see if its from inside the machine or the back of the screen if its inside its your Hdd that has an issue auto detect Hdd in bios will determine if the HDD is spinning or not

    try these first and let us know the outcome. and yes we need the spec processor memory windows version you have HDD size and type IDE or SATA which tyoe of graphic card pci or pci express

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