Confirmed: Chrome OS is getting Android apps


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A session description from Google I/O has confirmed that Chrome OS will be getting Android apps and access to the Google Play Store very shortly. It seems as though this information has been revealed ahead of an official announcement at Google's developer conference, but it's exciting for Chrome OS users nonetheless.

One of the biggest complains about Chrome OS is that while web applications often have enough functionality for basic tasks, native applications can do more and provide a better experience. The lack of native apps on the platform has kept some people from making the jump to Chrome OS, despite how cheap laptops that run the OS have become.

It's expected that many Android apps will require slight tweaking by developers to optimize the experience for laptops and desktops, however the vast majority of apps will work well enough on Chrome OS. Google will detail how the integration will work during tomorrow's session.

By bringing Android apps to Chrome OS, the app experience might also improve on Google's other platforms. Android apps on tablets, for example, are notoriously poor due to a lack of developer optimization for larger displays. With a much bigger large-screen audience to target, developers might finally put a bit of effort into creating great Android apps for tablets adn laptops.

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I have a Chromebook Flip, which has a touch screen. I'm looking forward to testing this capability out. Although I have a Nexus tablet, there aren't very many Android apps that I need, or use, or would like to use. But it's nice to know that I may be able to keep my Safe In Cloud account instead of switching over to Keeper for Chrome. Also, some TV networks have enabled Google Cast for their Android app but not for their Web site, which is totally silly. It will be interesting to see if Google extends this capability from Chrome OS to Chrome browsers in the future.
Does this mean Skype will finally work on Chrome OS for video chat?
Yes, supposedly all Android apps will work except those that utilize GPS, which Chromebooks don't have. The Play Store will only show apps that will work on Chrome OS to Chromebook users .