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Confused about which GPU to buy

By blabla21
Jul 31, 2015
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    Okay guys, im having trouble finding which GPU to buy,so here is my problem.

    Im having a very hard time deciding which GPU to buy in my country. Now since I dont live in USA and if I did I would have already bought myself GTX 980 Ti, but unfortunately since I live in Europe here the VAT is 20% of US price tag + local country tax, and GPU are seriously overpriced.

    Now I have 4 choices on what GPU I want to buy:

    R9 290 (X), the cheapest one here is Gigabyte which is 305 Euro (335Euro)

    R9 390 (X), the cheaperst one here is Sapphire Nitro which is 365 Euro (Asus 482 Euro)

    GTX 980, the cheapest one here is Zotac which is 510 Euro

    GTX 980 Ti and R9 Fury X, the bane of my wallet, the cheapest ones are 700 euros ( for reference GTX 980 Ti) 720 Euros for Fury X and 730 Euros for cheapest non reference GTX 980 Ti which is MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming

    So as you can see the prices are clearly ripping the money out of my pocket because of how much they are, and while I have the money to buy either one of them I really dont want to feel like im being ripped off even though that is how market here works.

    I have also another list of things which will hopefully help you guys determine which GPU I should buy, as to see what is better for me.

    1) I just bought a new monitor, im aiming towards 1440p gameplay.

    2) I play a a little modern games but I always play them atleast once, (Witcher 3, Batman AK etc...), but when I do I would rather like to max them out.

    3) The games I currently mostly play are not so much demanding and but I would like to play them at 4K VSR, DSR:

    -WoW -Starcraft 2 -Diablo -Skyrim -MK X

    and some others too.

    The game I will be most looking for to play is The Witcher 3 and some of new games I will get which are:

    MGS V The Phantom Pain

    Sword Coast Legends

    Heroes of Might and Magic VII

    Mafia III

    Hopefully I have given you guys enough info to make your decision, this is really confusing for me since I have never been buying PC components for so much money, and I dont know which one is more worth it than the other. If you have any questions for anything else, let me know,thanks.
  2. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,415   +145

    The decision is up to you. Obviously the best value is the 290, if you want to pay twice as much money you can still get higher performance, but maybe only about 30% better.

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