Connect wireless laptop to wired desktop

By jameswwa
May 2, 2010
  1. Hi Y'all - I have a desktop computer running XP and nice reasonably fast Broadband on virgin media. I'm quite happy with the setup and don't want to go messing about with installing a wireless router in place of the Virgin Broadband Modem. I am getting a wifi Laptop for my wife and want to "Piggy-Back" it off my desktop. Someone told me I could get a "Dongle" that would sit in a USB port on my desktop and relay to the laptop via wifi.
    Is this possible ? I can't find such an item.
  2. jobeard

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    NO :(

    The USB WiFi adaptor is the receiver side that would access a WiFi router or Access Point (AP).
    You need the transmitter side so that wife's laptop can connect to it.

    IMO, wrong approach.

    what you have (apparently) is
    VB Modem ===>Your Desktop
    what you are attempting looks like
    VB Modem ===>Your Desktop - - wifi - - laptop
    1) this requires the ICS active on the desktop and
    2) then put a wifi router(or AP) for the laptop to connect to.
    If you're going to get another router then --

    what you really want to do is
    VB Modem ===>new wifi router ===wired ==>Your Desktop
                  + - - - wifi connection to the laptop
    This is NOT replacing the VB modem, but adding to it downstream so all the VB settings are left asis :)

    This has the advantage of
    • allowing either system to be powered off and still allow the other to get Internet access
    • avoid network complication and degredation of the 'pass-thru' and extra routing downstream
    The only thing that you need to do is to set the Mascrade the MAC address to that of your desktop NIC.

    The remainder of the setup is in the new router which wifi would require regardless which side of your system to attach to.
  3. jameswwa

    jameswwa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Many Thanks Jobeard
    This sounds like a plan of action I can get on with
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