Connecting a laptop to a printer with Wi-Fi

  1. Hi,
    I recently purchased a new kodak esp 1.2 all-in-one printer.
    I have a compaq laptop with NIS (Norton Internet Security) connected to a Sky router.
    When I set up the new printer it found the router without any problems and I entered the password and established the network connection.
    I installed the software that came with the printer and when prompted tried to establish the wifi connection to the printer but it keeps coming back with "printer not detected". I've tried disabling Smart Firewall etc. but don't know what to check.
    If my laptop and printer are both connected to the same router / network, what could be responsible for my laptop not finding the printer?
    My technical knowledge is very limited so an easy to follow / step by step guide would be incredibly helpful. I've tried to check with the Kodak extended user guides and other Internet searches to no avail. Thanks.
  2. jobeard

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    Use google to find the software for that device and download + Install it.
    While you're at it, get the documentation - - especially the quick install guide.

    Usually you will need to use the LCD panel on the device to setup the network.
  3. charlie muffin

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    Hi, just to clarify, The software came with the Printer as a CD/DVD and has been installed.
    I followed the installation guide to the letter.
    I set up the network connection with the printer using the LCD panel, I've printed the network configuration off to make sure the details are correct. I connected by USB when the WIFI option started with problems.

    When I disconnect the USB and try to follow the Kodak Home Centre set up guide on the laptop to connect wirelessly the message that comes back confirms my computer as being connected to the same device / router as the printer but cannot locate the printer.

    What's stopping my laptop and printer, connected to the same device, from seeing each other?
  4. jobeard

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    use one or the other but not both - - now it's confused, so DELETE all instances of the printer and start over.

    Does your router have WPS setup button?
    do you have more than one WiFi device connected and is this the only one with problems.

    That WPS is neat IF/only IF you only have one wifi device :sigh:

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