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By jasonj115
Mar 5, 2018
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  1. So ive had a problem with my computer for a good while now where I can surf the internet and do the majority of things that I need to do, including play games access sites. But for the last 6 or so months, I haven't been able to play certain games that require a game launcher these games include (Black Desert Online, Tom Clancy's r6 siege, origin as well as the epic games launcher. it always has the same error. of that my desktop is not connected to the internet etc. Yet I can play games such as League of legends Dota, Dawn of war series ect no problem. I recently fixed a problem where my ip address was stuck on 169.*.*.* meaning it was a problem my end. I have fixed that and have also reset rebooted and done numerous things with my router. now can't seem to find anyway of fixing this problem looked for ages now.
    so im posting here with images computer specs ect. to see if anyone could possibly help me out.

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