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Cont'd problems with Flash & Yahoo

By macx
Dec 21, 2008
  1. Everything was running fine, of course it couldn't stay that way for long.

    XPsp3, latest Firefox, Yahoo version

    Somehow, the new 10.0 Flash got installed on my laptop without my permission or even knowing it was happening till all of a sudden I can't open My Yahoo. Then I get a window telling me the new flash is installed, except it's the IE version. So, I uninstall that, go to Adobe, get the Firefox version, install it.

    Still can't open My Yahoo to get email, or anything else on Yahoo.

    Somebody a little bit ago told me I should try getting rid of the Yahoo version of the new Firefox and use the non-Yahoo version. Well, since
    I use Yahoo, why would I want to do that? Or, like so often happens with Windows, is there some type of incompatibility with i.e. this new Flash or something? There always seems to be some kind of technical glitch where something doesn't want to work with something else and I end up spending hours trying to get it all sorted out. Then 2 weeks later, somethng else crops up.

    Do I have to go back to Flash 9.0?

    Why can't they just make something that the average person can use without having to be an IT engineer? I don't want to sleep with my computer, I just want to be able to turn it on and use it without these continual technical problems.

    Thanks for your continued support!
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    What happens when you try?
    Firefox is Firefox- it's not a 'Yahoo' version or a bob-Yahoo version. It's a Mozilla version.
    1. Do not put anything on automatic update! Not Windows, not Java, not Flash. ONLY the antivirus program should be on automatic update.

    Flash v10 didn't just pass by and install!

    If you can explain the Yahoo/Non- Yahoo meaning of Firefox, maybe I can help you.
    You may have Yahoo as your home page, but a browser has tog rt you to it. That would be Firefox. You can have a Yahoo Toolbar on firefox, but it is still just Firefox, not 'Yahoo/Firefox.'
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