Continuously losing FPS in every game.

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
CPU: Intel Octacore i7-7700HQ 2.80GHz
Windows 10
So in the past few weeks and months I recognized that I have less FPS in all the games I play. For example about 5 weeks ago I played Destiny 2 with constant 40 FPS (which is already low for the graphic card I have) and now its running with 20 FPS at MOST. The same has happened with a lot of other games as well. And despite the dropping FPS my Laptop should have way more FPS than I have. I'm only using 1.4 GB of VRAM in Destiny on lowest Settings and I still only get 40 FPS at most. Is it a Software problem or is something wrong wit my Laptop?


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I think you might have problems with overheating. You can download MSI afterburner to find out the temps, clocks, while playing the same. The result should give us some clue about the issue you are facing and that should definitely help us resolve it in a better fashion.

A complete factory reset or OS formatting might also do the trick. I’d highly recommend you to try this step before proceeding any further because sometimes a simple reset should do the job. I’m really happy to assist you and I look forward to your response to provide further assistance on this issue. Cheers!
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