Converting RAID1 drive to basic bootable drive

By buddylizard
Jan 10, 2011
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  1. I had the motherboard die on a machine running XP Pro and a Raid1 system. The board is an Intel D915PBL and I believe the Raid system was implemented in hardware on the board. I had 1 of the drives fail shortly before the motherboard went down. The system was working off the remaining drive until the board failure. The surviving drive (Seagate ST3160827AS) will not boot in another non-similar machine but it is readable and usable as a slave drive D: in another machine. I do not have another machine configured like the original in which to run the surviving drive..

    My question is how can the surviving drive be converted to a normal bootable drive so it ca be used in another machine. It has some old applications on it for which I do not have installation disks and I am trying to salvage those apps. The data has already been retrieved and saved but the apps do not want to run in a new machine with it set up as a D: drive.


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