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Converting Videos and Pictures to the zune

By GeekieNick101 ยท 5 replies
Nov 29, 2006
  1. Hey everybody I recently got a zune and I dont know how to use dvds, wmp and other types of video with the zune and I dont know how to get pictures work. Thank you very much
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

  3. halo71

    halo71 TS Rookie Posts: 1,090

    I have tried the software that Howard linked you too. I didnt really care for it myself. Remember all of the ones that say they are shareware only give you like 5 minutes of trial before it stops and wants you to buy a license. I am still searching for an program to use myself. Can't recommend a thing at the moment.

    As for pictures on your Zune. Its very simple to copy them from the PC. After you have downloaded the software on the PC. You will see 3 little icons in the upper left side of the screen. One for music, one for pictures and one for video. Click on the pictures icon. You can search from there for pictures on you PC, CD, jump drive etc. Copy them into your library (same way you do audio) first. Then drag and drop them on the right side of the screen where it shows how much space is available on your Zune. Then press the SYNC buttom towards the bottom right of the screen.

    Hope this helps....
  4. GeekieNick101

    GeekieNick101 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 373

    Thanks everyone, The DVD converter didnt help much and when I tried to drag the picture files in the zune program it worked but it wouldnt let it go to the zune, under the sync results it just had X's under everything I tried to add on it. Thanks once again
  5. halo71

    halo71 TS Rookie Posts: 1,090

    You need to sync it again. The screen on the Zune, when synced, will actully say synced with a circle or dots doing round and round. Also have you updated the firmware on the Zune to 1.1? You MUST do that!

    I have copied around 200 photos onto my Zune and have not seen the x's that you refer too.

    You will have to buy a license for that DVD converter or any of them for that matter that work with the Zune. All the ones you can DL now are just trial versions.
  6. yzf888

    yzf888 TS Rookie

    Other choice is cheapestsoft zune video converter.
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