Cooling consumer demand results in another down quarter for phones, tablets and Chromebooks

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What just happened? Slowing demand for consumer electronics has resulted in yet another down quarter for smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks. The latest data from IDC highlights a worldwide smartphone shipment decline of 9.7 percent year over year – to 301.9 million units – in the third quarter. According to the research firm, it is the largest-ever third quarter dip and the fifth consecutive quarterly decline for the mobile industry.

Samsung led the way with 64 million handsets shipped in the third quarter, down 7.8 percent from the same period a year earlier. Apple finished in second with 51.9 million iPhones moved, which represented an increase of 1.6 percent year over year. Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo rounded out the top five but all saw volume decline year over year. Among the top five, only Apple realized growth year on year.

IDC research director Nabila Popal said most of the declines came from emerging markets where cooling demand, rising costs and inflation impacted consumers with smaller disposable incomes. IDC still expects the market to recover in 2023 but now anticipates a steeper shipment decline for the remainder of 2022 and a softer recovery next year.

It was a similar story for tablet and Chromebook markets.

Tablet shipments slid 8.8 percent year over year in the third quarter to 38.6 million units. Like the smartphone market, this was the fifth straight quarter of decline. Apple was the top provider worldwide with 14.5 million iPads shipped in the third quarter, representing a decline of 1.1 percent compared to the same period in 2021. Samsung took second place with 7.1 million units shipped followed by Amazon at 4.3 million Fire tablet units.

Chromebook shipments, meanwhile, dipped a whopping 34.4 percent year over year, totaling 4.3 million units in the third quarter. Acer was the top Chromebook manufacturer in Q3 with one million systems shipped, which was 23.8 percent fewer than it shipped in the year-ago period. Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung populated the remaining spots in that order, each shipping fewer than a million units and all experiencing significant negative growth year over year.

IDC highlighted the fact that both the tablet and Chromebook markets have shifted from supply constrained industries to demand-challenged markets in which consumer and education spending has slowed primarily due to economic uncertainties.

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A dip was anticipated for both product categories following unprecedented growth in 2020 and 2021. Tablets have fared better than Chromebooks since the pandemic as consumers are now using them for other purposes including entertainment, remote and in-person learning, and even in the workplace. Chromebooks have struggled, partly due to limitations associated with the platform. This could continue as larger PC brands continue to prioritize building experiences around Windows.

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Maybe people are starting to be fed up with small increments and double the prices. Also, who the fk is upgrading every year, unless one has some good buyback program?


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Also, who the fk is upgrading every year, unless one has some good buyback program?
Apple does have a very good buy-back program, at least for iPhones. The last time I traded in a two-year-old iPhone I got the new one for nearly half the cost due to the trade-in value of the old one. Suffice it to say, iPhones generally do retain a very good after-market price.


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Chromebooks need to extend their support to a minimum of ten years from when a devices chipset was introduced. The whole support based on chipset age is stupid and confusing and makes Chromebooks a questionable purchase.


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Ya its called a recession

Bring on the price cuts and a REAL black Friday

I might actually buy something


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Down because under the current US administration it's come down to paying for food and rent with nothing left. Welcome to being broke, thanks Brandon!


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Also, who the fk is upgrading every year, unless one has some good buyback program?
Apple zealots for example. It's like a religion to them. If you don't buy a new iPhone every year it's basically like stealing from Apple! I know iPhone users who buy the new model no matter what, even it's basically the same as last year's model. They buy the new one and then they won't shut up about how much better it is than their old one.


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Ya its called a recession

Bring on the price cuts and a REAL black Friday

I might actually buy something

I think they are here if you look around. I just bought a phone for 50% off. It went from $299 to $149. It's an Android based phone replacing my old Android based phone I only paid $100.00 for almost 3 years ago. I am going from 2GB/32GB to 4GB/128GB. I figure it's worth the extra $50 this time around. Still nothing too crazy here for me.