Copying large amounts of files, mirroring 320GB?

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Oct 16, 2009
  1. I want to mirror all content, including installation of OS and software, from my internal 320GB harddrive onto a 1TB external drive. My thought was that Windows would use some files at all times, so I ran Kubuntu live and tried to drag and drop all content from c:\ to the new drive. This won.t work since there are errors coming up all the time (cannot create directory etc). So how do I do this? Any recommended backup tools?

    The thing is that I bought a Dell XPS M1530 that is breaking into pieces within its first half year. I though I.d go for a sophisticated and expensive machine, what I got is a pile of junk that needs replacements and adjustments constantly. And Dell has "no responsibility for clients data" so I had to buy another external harddrive to do the mirroring myself. :(

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    what you want to use is norton ghost, or arcronis true image, these programs can create a snapshot of the disk, including boot sector (something you wont get with just copying the files over), restoring is just a case of running the program and then restoring the image.
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    I use Acronis True Image myself.

    I find it incredibly useful and well worth its $50USD price.

    It can "clone" the HD as Ididmyc600 mentions - so you can move the hard drive image as you want to do now

    But it can also provide the traditional file/folder view of backups you're used with traditional backup tools.

    So you get best of both (which is often very handy.... so when you do backups you not just get file/folder backups but ability to restore drive image)
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    Thank you for your advice! I tried several backup programs, but none would ignore the bad sector on the broken harddisk. So I had to copy my stuff over to an external harddisk, install XP again, as well as busloads of software.
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    Acronis here. Do the Image backup differential. You can backup your entire drive OS and all and then periodically update the image with a differential backup so that you will always be up to date. The software will compress as well making your backups smaller. Your backup will look like this
    MyBackup.tib (original image backup will be a big file)
    MyBackup1.tib (a week later will reflect changes made in the last week and a much smaller file)
    MyBackup2.tib (a week after MyBackup1.tib and a small file)
    .. and so on

    This way you have multi generation backups and can restore to a specific date

    You should create a Boot CD with the software to recover from a complete failure
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    I use Acronis True Image Enterprise Server Edition to manage my network, but there are free versions of OEM versions of Acronis True Image if you own WD (Western Digital) or Seagate/Maxtor Hard Drives?

    Link here from WD (Acronis True Image WD Edition Software)

    Link here from Seagate (Seagate DiscWizard)

    Link here from Seagate/Maxtor (MasterBlast)

    Note: One HD has to be either Seagate, Maxtor, or WD for the free OEM versions to work, otherwise they won't work on Samsung without Seagate, Maxtor or WD. You also need to download the correct OEM version for your HD otherwise it won't work.

    Good Luck!
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