Corel Photo House 6 will not load

By RobertB ยท 4 replies
Feb 10, 2009
  1. When I started my computer today, got a message that Corel Photo House 6 needed to update. I agreed and the next window said to insert the Photo House disk, which I don't have. Evene though I cancelled any further action, it keeps looping around, asking for the disk again and again. Possible malware?? Any other fix for this anyone has to offer? Thanks.
  2. TheConqueror

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    so you dont have the disk was it installed VIa download or a disk originaly? Do you still have a valid

    license for the software? If you do then not to worry as you might not even need a disk but please

    answer the above questions and we will go from there.

    also was it part of a package like photoalbum suite?
  3. RobertB

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    Download Background

    Photo House was installed via download several years ago, so no disk is available. Neither is there a licence number to reference. Photo House may have been part of an upgrade to WordPerfect I did a couple of years ago. Sorry to be so vague, but that's all I remember. I have hardly ever used Photo House in the last two or three years.
  4. TheConqueror

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    That would explain it. Ive seen many systems that still use microsoft office 03 wether it be a newer

    version isnt affordable to customers or they are used to the interface. The fact is the company will

    release newer versions peiodicaly wether it be to simply upgrade the product or ensure all customers

    are using a valid license. This is true about your software as well by downloading the update the

    software is now sadly rendered useless unless the proper media is available as well as a new license.

    The good news is that there is plenty of software out there for free that does exactly the same thing as

    Photo House bearing in mind that it is a version you've had for a couple of years now they are also

    vastly improoved. Try as all of their software is tested and spyware free read user

    reviews and skim trough their archives as they have plenty to choose from Tip: you can even filter the

    software so only the ones that are free are shown XD happy hunting

    let me know if this helped you at all XD
  5. RobertB

    RobertB TS Member Topic Starter

    Photo House is still looping about so I deleted the program amd will go with something else. Thanks for the help.
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