Corning's new Gorilla Glass Victus reduces drop damage and improves scratch resistance

Shawn Knight

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What just happened? Corning on Thursday announced a new version of its widely used Gorilla Glass cover glass that is said to significantly improve both scratch and drop performance in mobile devices. We could see it debut on new devices from Samsung as early as next month.

Rather than taking the tried and true approach of asking its scientists to focus on a single goal of making glass better against drops or scratches, Corning tasked them with doing both simultaneously. The result is Gorilla Glass Victus, an improved cover glass that will soon be featured in new devices from Samsung.

Corning said that in lab tests, Gorilla Glass Victus held up when dropped onto hard, rough surfaces at a height of up to two meters. For what it’s worth, the “competition” typically fails when dropped from less than 0.8 meters, the company noted.

In terms of scratch resistance, Gorilla Glass Victus is reportedly twice as good at succumbing to scratches as Corning’s own Gorilla Glass 6 and supposedly 4x better than competing aluminosilicate glasses.

Corning has a fascinating history as it relates to the tech industry. As the story goes, the company experimented with chemically strengthened glass way back in the 1960s but couldn’t find much of a commercial market for it so they stopped making it. Fast-forward to the mid-2000s when Apple was developing the first iPhone. CEO Steve Jobs desired a strong glass to protect the phone’s display and was put in touch with Corning. Months later, Gorilla Glass made its debut.

In the years since, Gorilla Glass has found its way into more than eight billion devices from more than 45 major brands around the globe.

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Yeah yeah we hear it everytime how this version is x times “stronger”. Yet despite all this most girls I know have a cracked phone.

Gorilla glass can't fix stupid.

I think I've used each and every version and I have never had a cracked screen, because I take care of my stuff. I know tons of people walking about with cracked displays and its due to them being clumsy and not taking care of their phones. Accidents do happen but the most part is the user's fault not the tech.


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I think it helps to have a decent case. So I will name drop Spigen, as I have dropped many phones , on purpose to prove the case I bought works.

Threw my LG at the wall, screen fine. Rear glass panel shattered.
Hammers to phones also work.


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Notice how the "hammer strikes" are always square to the glass, and the drops are always flat
on the face. Never a "corner stike". Flat strikes allow for even dissipation of the energy, unlike
how most people's phones land...on the CORNER.

Mr Majestyk

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Not so impressive. GG 6 is only about 6 on Mohs scale of hardness, 2x harder will still mean it’s just over 6 as it’s a logarithmic scale. Sapphire is 9 and diamond 10. However GG is much tougher than sapphire, so we need GG + sapphire coating for best of both worlds. Also Dragontail glass is very similar to GG in hardness and toughness.

Mike Koh

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Cool, but stupid user behavior is the main reason the glass break or scratches. I never group my phone with anything else in my pocket. and my phone has a TPU case which I bought from AliExpress for like RM1 (USD$ 0.23). My phone's Gorilla Glass 4 never had a visible scratch, 3 years and counting