Cosmic 'leaf blower' robs galaxy of star-making fuel

By abe10tiger
Apr 7, 2012
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  1. Science Daily

    Cosmic 'Leaf Blower' Robs Galaxy of Star-Making Fuel

    Supernova explosions and the jets of a monstrous black hole are scattering a galaxy's star-making gas like a cosmic leaf blower, a new study finds. The findings, which relied on ultraviolet observations from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer and a host of other instruments, fill an important gap in the current understanding of galactic evolution.

    Time is running out for the galaxy NGC 3801, seen in this composite image combining light from across the spectrum, ranging from ultraviolet to radio. NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer and other instruments have helped catch the galaxy NGC 3801 in the act of destroying its cold, gaseous fuel for new stars. Astronomers believe this marks the beginning of its transition from a vigorous spiral galaxy to a quiescent elliptical galaxy whose star-forming days are long past. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SDSS/NRAO/ASIAA)

    Source:Science Daily
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    Very pretty, but would spoil your day if you lived there!

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