Could someone please look at these 2 minidumps?

By Ralph659 ยท 9 replies
Dec 5, 2008
  1. Hello,

    Can someone please look at the 2 minidumps in attachment?

    I have put together a new computer with Vista Ultimate and during the first day my system has crashed already 2 times...
    No problem for several hours, then a crash, no problem again for several hours and then a second crash.
    I get a bluescreen that I'm not able to read because it goes too fast and my computer just reboots.

    Any feedback is very much appreciated.
    Please don't just give me the file that caused the problem but also (if possible), give me an explanation or solution.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. Kaorichan2009

    Kaorichan2009 TS Booster Posts: 72

    Icky Icky. RAISED_IRQL_FAULT Is first. ntkrnlmp.exe <- This flunked.
    Second one: VISTA_DRIVER_FAULT Sidebar.exe isnt working right as well as ntkrnlmp.exe
    Vista is Fail. Please Reinstall. :) enough of the funny stuff. 2 questions: Did you build it yourself and is the Vista Ultimate Genuine?
  3. Ralph659

    Ralph659 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply.
    Do you mean that something went wrong during the installation or that there must be something wrong with the Windows DVD?

    Can it maybe help to locate that ntkrnlmp.exe file and replace it with a fresh one?

    About your questions: Yes, I build that computer myself and the Vista is Genuine.
  4. Kaorichan2009

    Kaorichan2009 TS Booster Posts: 72

    Im wondering if the hard drive is bad.
    Dont do a fresh copy. load the windows dvd normally. and there should be a repair option :)
  5. Ralph659

    Ralph659 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I just checked the harddrive with HD Tune and it didn't found any problems.
    Then I tried to do a repair but when I notice the note "Press a key to boot from CD-ROM" at startup, I press several keys but it won't load my Vista DVD, Windows loads normally.

    That's strange, I have put my DVD as primary boot device...
    Ok, I have a Bluetooth keyboard so you might think that that doesn't work yet this early in the boot process but when I press DEL to enter the BIOS, it goes there without a problem...

    Any explanation for this?

  6. Kaorichan2009

    Kaorichan2009 TS Booster Posts: 72

    have the computer on and use the cd while windows is running.
    It says A key. >.> They replaced the any key option :( aw.
  7. Ralph659

    Ralph659 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried to do a Windows repair while computer is running but it only seems to give the option to install a new version of windows, not a repair...

    But I got another crash and now I was able to see the BSOD...
    In attachment you can find an image of the BSOD I received.

    Do you still think it's a problem with my Windows?

  8. peterdiva

    peterdiva TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,088

  9. Ralph659

    Ralph659 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Is it possible that Memtest86 doesn't work on the new Intel I7 processors?
    I burned the ISO from AND from on a CD but my computer won't boot any of them...

    I tried the Memtest CD now on a pc with "INTEL CORE2 Quad Q8200 45nm (2.33)" and that computer won't boot that CD either.

    Does Memtest maybe only works on older 32-bit CPU's?
  10. kimsland

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