Counterstrike Source FPS problems

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Mar 7, 2005
  1. I Have Installed And Played Counter Strike Source. With My Radeon 9800 Pro The Graphics Are Great! Although My Fps Is Very Low. 18-35. I Have Tried More Power E.g. 350 W And I Still Cant Get My Fps To Go Higher. One Thing That I Have Noticed Is That I Have 2 Memory Stick Of 512 Mbs Each But They Run @ 133 Mhz. Could This Be My Problem? I Hear That I Have The Old Sdram System And I Cant Do Anything About It Unless I Get A New Mother Board.. Is This Correct?
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    If available, how much memory will CS use to run?
  4. tbrunt3

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    YOu can run it on 512 but a gig is better ....

    LIZARAZO TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks Tbrunt 3!!!! I Really Appreciate You Helping Me Out. The Asus Is Really What I Want.
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    game not available at this time ? I can't play!

    Why is it since the latest cs source update , I can't play. Is there a simple solution? plz help.
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    Well that aint gonna help us out much. What OS are you running, and when you say you cant play...what do you mean? Do you get an error, does it get my drift.
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    plz help cs:s

    I just bought counterstrike source got it all installed and updated and i will be playing for about 1-20 minutes and it will freeze up to the point i cant alt F4 out ctr alt delete out nothing and sumtimes windows will kick me out of the program, most the time I literally have to hold down the power button to get it to shut off, I emailed VALVe tech support about 2 1/2 weeks ago still no response, all i want is to be able to play my $40 game for as long as i want without getn booted. any advice would be much appreciated

    My Specs: Custom Build
    ASUS A8v mobo
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Core
    2 Corsair 512mb RAM
    ATI 9550 Radeon Graphhics Card
    80gb Western Digital Hard Drive
    Windows XP Pro OEM Edition
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    nvm i have figured it out, on the ASUS A8V mobo, there is al lthis confusion about where to put the RAM, well i have found the best solution that has fixed my problem!! put 2 512's in the 2 slots (one blue one black) on the side of the mobo towards the front of the case, it has solved all of my problems
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    FPS Problem sloved (Desktop PCs Solution)

    Hi guys hope this will prove interesting. Here is a little solution to most desktop pc for gaining a proper preformance in Counter Strike Source.

    1. Make sure your graphic card is better then Ge Force 5200 and u have at least 512 mb ram.

    2. If above is correct go to your bios setup (when u switch your computer press del key/f2 key and a setup will come up):

    a) In the chipset page make sure your memory timing settings are set to SPD/Auto.
    b) Fin option called "AGP Aparature size" or alike. There u select amount of memory which is supporting your GPU in demanding applications. Chose the amount coresponding to the amount of memory your graphic adpater posses.
    c) Save your setings and startup again.
    d) Enjoy Cs Source.

    PS: It would also add to a flavour if u use well tweaked drivers have fun!!!


    Imposible - No just lies!!

    ***White Noise***
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    ^^ You realize that this is an ultra old thread right?
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