Couple divorce after Google Street View captures wife stroking another man's hair


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The story involves a Peruvian man using Google Street View to research the best route for reaching a bridge in capital city Lima. While moving the camera around at street level, he saw a woman sitting on a bench with a man’s head on her lap. While this wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary, the user noticed that the woman was wearing clothes that appeared identical to his wife’s. That’s because it actually was his spouse, and the man whose hair she was stroking wasn’t her husband.

Like many of the images on Google Street View, this one was taken years ago—2013, to be exact. But it seems the couple was married at the time, so the man confronted his wife over the photo. According to the local media, the woman admitted to having an affair and the pair, who haven’t been named, later divorced.

La Cronica reports that the man shared his story and images of the incident on Facebook.

Last year brought news that Google’s Street View vehicles were getting their first camera upgrades in eight years, resulting in higher quality photos that can capture street signs, information from shop windows, and, perhaps, more detailed incidents of infidelity.

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Her infidelities not only got her caught and divorced but will remain publicly available for anyone to see, perhaps forever. :scream:

There are cameras everywhere these days. So you've got to think twice before imagining you are doing something "privately", if it's in a public place. :facepalm: