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Coursework help

By bombermaniac
Oct 25, 2009
  1. Hi I'm a student at uni, don't worry not the annoying socialite type haha I hate those student union types so don't hate me! Anyways I got an assignment. Basically i have to pick out all the components I need to build this £1000 pc. I kinda researched it but I don't really know what the difference between a £600 processor or a £80 one which in spec look similar to me. Any thoughts no matter how brief or recommended components for that price range would be helpful as I have no clue why I should pick one thing over another. (I only do multimedia but you are forced to do a general course 1st year).

    Heres the assigment ( I pretty much said everything I need to already but if anyone is that keen to help and wants specifics) :

    You have recently been appointed as the Senior Technician for a company called Croydon Computers who are specialist and market leaders in the supply of high Spec and high quality PCs to businesses and home users. You have been tasked to research the current market using magazines, the internet, journals, computer fairs etc, to select the components required to build a leading edge home/business multimedia computer and produce a report of your conclusions. A virtual budget of £1,000.00 has been allocated including V.A.T and delivery. The system should include all normal system requirements and be capable of multi-media productions and should include a DVD Writer & a CD Writer, as well as a good sound system.

    The decision for purchasing a component must be clearly stated along with price, delivery charge and times, and the supplier. An alternative(s) for each component must also be included and costed.

    It is essential that the report is clear and easy to understand. With all decisions for purchase you must clearly explain the advantages of the purchase.

    If the budget is exceeded then this must be clearly justified as to what advantage the extra cost will provide. This is not a desirable situation so the reasons must be very good, otherwise you will be heavily penalised for going over budget.

    The aim is to assemble the most powerful multimedia machine within the allocated budget.

    (thanks in advance)
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